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Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu for practical Self-Defense, Holistic Health and Mental Sharpness


* Beginners Welcome. No Prior Experience Necessary *
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Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the most efficient close-quarter combat systems that utilizes the natural movements of the human body to create leverage and generate whole-body power. In addition to practical hand and leg techniques, the ‘internal style’ of Wing Chun also helps you develop Internal Energy or ‘Jing’. Altogether, you will attain mental and physical precision, as well as the speed and power to overcome your opponents.
My name is Daniel, and I teach Internal Wing Chun Kung Fu for adults & adolescents in the tradition of Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin, who was a disciple of Yip Man in Hong Kong. I have undergone 9 years of rigorous daily training, and now provide Private Lessons in Wing Chun Martial Art (詠春私人教練班) within Sydney. To accommodate your  schedule, I am able to travel either to your home, or to an area near you.

Lessons can be taught in English, Cantonese (廣東話) or Mandarin (普通话), and are suitable for both men and women.

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Accelerate Your Skills Not In Years, But In Months


You will learn Practical Street Self-Defense Methods, including:

  • Step-by-step instructions in defending against common punches, strikes and kicks
  • How to simultaneously execute Wing Chun offense and defense techniques
  • Traditional Wing Chun Empty-Hand Forms and martial applications
  • Different ways in getting out of chokes, arm grabs and holds
  • Agility Training through traditional footwork and stepping drills (lower body speed and power training is often neglected in many Wing Chun schools)

Cultivate Both Agility and Internal Power


  • You will receive Sensitivity Training through Chi Sao or ‘Sticking Hands’. This is an intermediate to advanced skill that is essential in functional ‘live’ fighting situations.
  • Wing Chun will rewire your nervous system and tactile reflexes. You will be able to anticipate attacks and neutralize or counter them instinctively.
    • Your neurological sensitivity will be enhanced through Chi Sao, light sparring, and flowing activities.
  • I will teach you methods in Developing Internal Power that you can practice on your own indefinitely
  • Principles and techniques in generating power in dynamic, moving situations
  • You will learn the internal way to practicing Wing Chun forms, so that you can gradually develop whole-body power, instead of just going through the motions.

Wing Chun Does Not Rely On Brute Force


  • Different from other combat systems, Wing Chun is not aimed at out-muscling your opponent, making it the perfect martial art for the average person, both men and women.
  • You will learn exactly how to either absorb, redirect, diffuse or neutralize incoming energy from an opponent, how to send it back out, as well as the timing involved.
  • Once you learn how to do this, the already-efficient angles within Wing Chun techniques eventually become just a bonus.
  • You get step-by-step hands on instruction in demos of techniques. This will help you visualize energy redirection pathways and subtle small muscle movements that are otherwise impossible to see.

Benefits of Private Lessons Over Group Classes


  • You receive detailed, tailored and specific feedback that you can apply immediately
  • You learn 10X faster on an accelerated course, at your own pace, without having to synchronize syllabus according to other students
  • You will receive my undivided attention – this is important especially during sensitivity training
  • You and I can decide on a lesson time and place most suitable for your busy schedule
  • You can expect a flexible curriculum, taking into account both essential traditional training components and also your preferences and interests

Unlock Your Potential

Wing Chun does not require you to be strong, fast or flexible. In fact, this internal martial art molds to suit your individuality, and may accentuate and transform what you previously thought to be a disadvantage (e.g. believing you’re too skinny, too underweight, too overweight, too tall, or too short etc..) into an advantage.


Demystification of Internal Wing Chun


  • I teach with the intent to demystify common misconceptions surrounding Wing Chun Internal Martial Art. No Nonsense and straight to the point.
  • You will learn internal kung fu concepts in simple and demonstrable terms instead of abstract jargon.
  • With a Health Science Educational Background, I possess relevant knowledge of the link between the human body and martial movements (e.g. body anatomy, optimal joint alignments and positions, biomechanics etc.)


Use Circles to Neutralize Energy

Use Circles to Neutralize Energy

Basic Principles of Wing Chun


  1. SIMPLICITY – all movements are simple and uncomplicated, based on natural body alignments and movements
  2. DIRECTNESS – Path of attack is from wherever your hand or leg is to the target. The only time a curved line is used is when there is an obstruction exists along the straight line.
  3. SIMULTANEOUS ATTACK AND DEFENSE – Neutralization of force always come with the potential for a counterattack. You will learn to hit from any position without telegraphing your intent, using the mass of your entire body to create power in small spaces.
  4. RELAXATION (‘Sung’/鬆) – A tense body is a slow body. Tension creates blockages impeding energy flow, and impedes on your ability to utilize the mass of your whole body into your strikes. Relaxation allows for greater sensitivity, faster response and greater speed and power in attack.
    • However, while you relax some parts of your body, some other parts will need to be activated (Yin-Yang Principle). This is done to recycle energy and maintain body structure.
  5. PRACTICALITY – Wing Chun is a martial art especially suited for modern day street self defense. Techniques were designed to be pragmatic and efficient, instead of showy or spectacular. 
Triangulate Your Force To Advance

Triangulate Your Force To Advance

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Your Learning Pathway


  • From the very first lesson, you will learn practical self-defense skills that you can apply immediately. What I will teach you is authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu practice methods, so you can progress on your own even when I’m not there.
  • For beginners, first 5 lessons will be focused on learning the first form of Siu Nim Tao and defense against common strikes.
  • You will also learn routines of basic training and stretches (‘Ji Ben Gong’) that forms the foundation necessary for mobility and safe martial movements.
  • For intermediate students, sensitivity training will be commenced, as well as continuation of Wing Chun empty-hand forms and technique applications.

Chi Sao (Sticking Hands or ‘黐手’) Training


Chi Sao is a signature component of Wing Chun Kung Fu. It is an integral sensitivity exercise that allows the practitioner to integrate various parts of his/her training and move in attunement with the opponent’s energy.

Instead of sparring, Chi Sao gives two practitioners the opportunity to test and explore each others’ strengths and weaknesses, allowing a unique and unplanned learning process to take place. Chi-Sao also helps to develop footwork coordination, neuro reflexes, body positioning, empty-hand techniques, energy and the automatic response to any situation.

  • Learn in progression through the different stages of Sticking Hand drills, eventually moving onto Free Style Chi Sao
  • Discover a variety of hidden strikes, blocks and trapping techniques throughout the flow of Sticking Hand movements.
  • Chi Sao allows you to ‘foresee’ the power and intended move of your opponent (even when the arms are not touching)
  • You will attain the ability to ‘play with’ opponent’s energy: either absorbing it, redirecting to the ground, or using root power to channel energies to your extremities and the opponent.
  • Chi Sao eventually enables you to perform techniques you never knew you had in unrehearsed scenarios and even seemingly-awkward body positions.
  •  Chi Sao training is one of the important tools to prepare you for ‘realistic’ self-defense situations in the Wing Chun System.
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Why Should You Train With Me?


  • I am a specialist in teaching the agility aspect of Wing Chun through sensitivity and ‘listening’ to energies from both your own and the opponent’s body. This is in contrast to the more popular method in other schools of focusing predominantly on power (even if the power is internal).
  • Having a Tertiary-level educational background in Applied Health Science, I’ve acquired intimate knowledge of human anatomy and biomechanics concepts – all of which I’ve applied synergistically to Kung Fu training.
  • I understand the needs of beginners who are starting out on their Kung Fu Journey. I am able to explain principles and concepts in simple and concrete terms, free from vague and confusing jargon.
  • I use an actively style of teaching that empowers you. After each lesson, you come away with more methods to train and progress on your own, instead of relying on the instructor indefinitely.
  • I balance my lesson with a healthy mix of theory and applications. In many cases, once you know a particular principle, you are able to devise your own techniques based on that principle.
  • I combine traditional methods of training with practical (optionally non-escalating) techniques which you can apply immediately. Everything I teach you will serve a particular purpose. 
  • I will adapt my teaching to your individuality, rather than giving you a cookie cutter clone of textbook Wing Chun. Wing Chun is a martial art that is made alive and used by you, not the other way round.

My Wing Chun Lessons Are For You If…


  • You want to learn a practical Internal Chinese Martial Art for realistic self defense
  • You want to learn the Internal Style of Wing Chun to explore how ‘soft’ and sensitivity can overcome ‘hard’
  • You want to develop internal power over time and gain a new sense of body awareness
  • You want to enjoy fun and engaging lessons free from commercialization 
  • You feel you can benefit from the stress reduction effects of calm and meditative Wing Chun training
  • You want to quickly get up to speed through tailored lessons at flexible times and locations catered to you
  • You have past musculoskeletal conditions that can benefit from improved postural and spinal alignments
  • You already attend a group class elsewhere, and want supplement private instruction to correct blindspots.
  • You want to improve your joint mobility, increase muscle and ligament strength, enhance bone density, or fine-tune your coordination and balance
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